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Name Date
Design Ideas® and Neatlife® Rubber Ducky Magnets, and Design Idea® Blowfish and Splat Magnets 03/06/2014
High-Powered Magnets distributed with Adobe Connect™ “Effective Collaboration is Magnetic” Promotional Materials Package 05/23/2014
Buckyballs high-powered magnet sets 05/23/2014
Buckyballs high-powered magnet sets 05/23/2014
High-Powered Magnet desk toy 01/13/2015
Home Science Tools Alnico Bar Magnets 05/23/2014
Dowling Classic Horseshoe Magnets 05/23/2014
Pacific Science Supplies Pac-Sci U-shaped, Bar Magnets; Magnet and Compass, Magnet Needle Sets 05/23/2014
American Scientific Bar, Horseshoe, U, Aluminum/Nickel/Cobalt Magnets 03/10/2015
United Scientific Horseshoe, Bar, Ring, U-shaped, Cylindrical, Disc, Needle Magnets 06/13/2014
United Scientific Horseshoe Magnets 05/23/2014

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