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Name Date
Ice Tools 10/27/2016
Wild Country Syncro Harnesses 08/31/2016
Black Diamond Camalot climbing devices 05/24/2016
Black Diamond Index Ascenders for climbing 05/24/2016
Black Diamond via ferrata climbing sets 05/19/2016
Avalanche rescue probes 05/03/2016
Nylon Runners 04/06/2016
Black Diamond Carabiners for Climbing 04/06/2016
Cassin Blade Runner and Blade Runner Alpine Crampons 08/26/2015
Tour Nanotech Automatic and Semi-Automatic Crampons 08/26/2015
ORTOVOX S1+ Avalanche Transceiver 06/02/2015
Sewn cord edge restraints, sewn eyes and sewn loops. 03/03/2015
Easy Go XP Lock Via Ferrata Lanyards 01/22/2015
Snowpulse Avalanche Airbags 04/12/2016
Joss rock climbing cam 04/21/2016
Porter Athletic Climbing Ropes 04/13/2016
Scorpio and Absorbica Shock Absorbing Lanyards 05/06/2016
Photon carabiners, Photon and Mach Express quickdraws 07/08/2016
Avalung backpacks 04/04/2016
Carabiners 07/06/2016

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