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Bell & Company glass bean pot table lamps

Description: Bean Pot Table Lamps Recalled by W. Bell & Morman Manuf. NEWS from CPSC U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Office of Information and Public Affairs Washington, DC 20207 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 10, 1987 Release # 87-049 325 Table Lamps Recalled Due To Shock Hazard WASHINGTON, DC -- In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Morman Manufacturing Company, Inc., Philadelphia, Pa., and the retailer, W. Bell & Company, Rockville, Maryland, are recalling 325 glass bean pot table lamps that the Commission staff believes present a severe electric shock hazard. The lamps were sold by Bell under catalog No. 41301K from March 1984 through December 1986. The lamps bear no identification other than an Underwriters Laboratories, Ire. (UL) listing label with the number "E-31476." In June 1986, a CPSC employee was shocked while turning off one of these lamps, while standing on a possibly damp carpet. The Commission's technical staff examined eighteen of these lamps installed in CPSC offices. Four of these lamps, including the one involved in the shock incident, were found improperly wired, which resulted in a short circuit. The Commission staff believes that anyone who touches the metal lampholder or other metal parts of a defective lamp could receive a severe or fatal electric shock. These glass heap pot lamps were sold by 22 W. Bell & Company stores in the Midwestern and Eastern United States for $39.75. Although the lamp itself is not identified with the catalog no. 41301k nor with any company name, each lamp has an Underwriters Laboratories, Inc., listing label on the lampholder, showing the number "E-31476." The table lamp is described as a clear glass jar on a brass metal base, with a shade made of a beige rice cloth and vinyl knife pleats. The lamp is 30 inches tall, weighs 11 pounds, and has a three way light switch. Consumers who have purchased any of these lamps should return the item to the W. Bell & Company store where purchased for a full refund. Consumers who are not certain if their lamp is subject to recall may contact W. Bell & Company at 301-468-5670 for clarification. As an alternative, consumers may visit the nearest W. Bell & Company store where recall signs, showing a picture of the lamp, are displayed. Information about their recall may also be obtain from the CPSC toll-free hotline number at NO-638-CPSC. A teletypewriter for the hearing impaired is (301) 595-7054. [Learn More]

Bell & Company glass bean pot table lamps Recall Information

Recall Date09/10/1987
Recall ID4708
Recall Number87049
Product TypeLamps
HazardElectrocution/Electric Shock
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