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Fisher-Price Pop-Up Playhouse toys

Description: Pop-Up Playhouse Modification by Fisher-Price NEWS from CPSC U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Office of Information and Public Affairs Washington, DC 20207 Note: Phone number change. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Originally issued July 27, 1988; Revised October 29, 2002 Release # 88-58 Fisher-Price To Modify "Pop-Up Playhouse" Toy WASHINGTON, DC - Fisher-Price of East Aurora, N.Y., in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, today announced that it is voluntarily offering a free modification kit for more than 380,000 of its model 2306 "Pop-Up Playhouse" toy. The action is being taken because Fisher-Price and the Commission are concerned that the playhouse could unexpectedly come apart and cause serious eye or other injury to children or adults. Fisher-Price has received approximately 100 reports from consumers about parts of the children's playhouse suddenly coming apart, and parts being hurled across a room with enough force to break glass, stick in drywall or cause other property damage. Although several consumers have reported being struck in the eye or face, none of the injuries required hospitalization, and most of the incidents did not involve injury. The "Pop-Up Playhouse" is made of colorful fabric, supported by red or blue plastic tubes at all four corners. At the top of the playhouse, six yellow fiberglass rods form arches connected by metal sleeves. When assembled, the support structure is held together under tension. If any of the tubes break, or for some other reason the tension is released, the playhouse parts can come apart and be forcefully and rapidly thrown or ejected from the toy. Consumers with the playhouse should immediately remove the toy from children, then fold it according to instructions that came with the product. Consumers should not disassemble the playhouse until they receive the free modification kit and instructions. Consumers should call Fisher-Price toll-free at 1-800-233-4004 for the kit. Following consumer complaints about the toy breaking apart Fisher-Price redesigned the playhouse and revised its assembly instructions. The metal connectors are now permanently attached to the yellow rods, and the plastic tubes are made of stronger material and are held firmly in place. When consumers complete the modification of older "Pop-Up Playhouses," the products will be the same as the redesigned toy now being marketed by Fisher-Price. To order your free modification kit, call Fisher-Price toll free at 1-800-233-4004 between 8 a.m. or 5 p.m. or write: Fisher-Price Consumer Affairs 636 Girard Avenue East Aurora, NY 14052 [Learn More]

Fisher-Price Pop-Up Playhouse toys Recall Information

Recall Date07/27/1988
Recall ID4761
Recall Number88058
Product TypeToy Playhouse
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