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Lisa Frank colorful Halloween Eraser Cool Collectibles packages

Description: CONTACT: October 30, 1990 (301) 504-7908 Release # 90-166 Halloween Advisory Trick-Or-Treat Erasers Voluntarily Recalled WASHINGTON, D.C. -- In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Lisa Frank, Inc., of Tucson, AZ, has voluntarily elected to recall approximately 200,000 packages of its colorful Halloween Erasers which may pose a choking hazard to small children. These multi-colored Halloween Erasers are sold 15 to a package. The front of the package reads: "Lisa Frank Halloween Erasers, Cool Collectibles." The erasers resemble Halloween items such as pumpkins, skulls, bats and ghosts and because of their bright colors and size could be mistaken for candy. The erasers were imported from Taiwan. While the package is labeled "Not Recommended for Children 4 Years of Age and Under", it was the concern of Lisa Frank, Inc. and CPSC that people handing out the erasers as Trick-or-Treat handouts would given them to small children. The small erasers are not appropriate for younger children. The packages of erasers sold for approximately $1.89 each. This is the second Halloween season the erasers have been distributed nationwide, and neither CPSC nor Lisa Frank, Inc., are aware of any injuries involving this product. It is believed that the erasers would not be given out until the night of Halloween, so this voluntary recall is being conducted to prevent the possibility of injury. Consumers are urged not to use these erasers as Halloween handouts. Consumers may return the product to the store where purchased for a full refund of the purchase price. Consumers with questions about this recall may contact Lisa Frank, Inc., at 602-624-1903. CPSC reminds adults to carefully examine any toy or novelty items received by trick-or-treaters under three years of age. Do not allow young children to have any items that are small enough to present a choking hazard or that have small parts or components that could separate during use and present a choking hazard. This reminder is for parents and anyone handing out such items to trick-or-treaters. The CPSC is announcing this recall as part of its mission to protect the public from unreasonable risks of injury and death associated with consumers products. The CPSC is the Federal agency responsible for product safety. Some 15,000 products fall within the Commission's jurisdiction and each year these products are involved in an estimated 30 million injuries and 22,000 deaths [Learn More]

Lisa Frank colorful Halloween Eraser Cool Collectibles packages Recall Information

Country of OriginTaiwan
Recall Date10/30/1990
Recall ID4982
Recall Number90166
Product TypeErasers
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