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Description: June 5, 1995 Release # 95-128 WASHINGTON, D.C. - CPSC, The First Years, Inc., of Avon, Mass., is announcing a safety repair program for approximately 41,000 of The First Years 3-In-1 Booster Seats, Model 4200. The belt sets included with some seats may have belts with improperly threaded buckles, or only one, rather than two belts to attach the booster seat to a full-size chair. These seats cannot be tightly secured to a full-size chair, and as a result a child may be injured if the booster seat tips and falls forward from the chair.Four minor injuries have been reported due to these belt-related problems.The plastic seats measure approximately 14 inches high by 12 inches deep. The seat and seat back are teal and the arms and removable tray are white. The seats were packaged with sets of white mesh belts that can be attached to the bottom of the seat to restrain a child and to secure the booster seat to an adult chair. The 3-In-1 Booster Seat can be folded up and carried by a handle molded into the seat back. The Booster Seats were sold nationwide from March through May 1995 in retail stores, including Toys R Us and Target Department Stores.Consumers should call The First Years at (800) 533-6708 for information on repairing the booster seat belts.The First Years 3-In-1 Booster Seats currently in stores have new 4-piece belt sets with properly threaded buckles. These Booster Seats can be identified by the new model number, 4200C, clearly labeled on the front of the box [Learn More]

Recall Information

Recall Date06/05/1995
Recall ID5675
Recall Number95128
Product TypeBooster Seats
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