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Home Improvement Books

Description: The recall involves the following 17 home improvement books. These titles are out of print and were last sold by retailers in 2005. However, they are likely still on bookshelves in consumers' homes. TitleISBN-10ISBN-13Publication Date Fix-It Maps: Replacing Switches and Receptacles 0-376-07007-2 978-0-376-07007-4 January 2000 Southern Living Basic Home Repairs 0-376-09052-9 978-0-376-09052-2 January 1999 Southern Living Basic Wiring (2nd Ed.)Southern Living Basic Home Wiring Illustrated (1st Ed.) 0-376-09054-50-376-09041-3 978-0-376-09054-6978-0-376-0-90416 January 1999June 1992 Southern Living Bathrooms Planning & Remodeling 0-376-09055-3 978-0-376-09055-3 January 1999 Southern Living Home Lighting 0-376-09062-6 978-0-376-09062-1 January 1999 Southern Living Kitchens Planning & Remodeling 0-376-09067-7 978-0-376-09067-6 January 2000 Sunset Basic Wiring (3rd Ed.)Sunset Basic Home Wiring Illustrated (1st & 2nd Ed.) 0-376-01584-50-376-01095-90-376-01092-4 978-0-376-01584-6978-0-376-01095-7978-0-376-01092-6 March 199519871977 Southern Living Complete Patio 0-376-09081-20-376-09044-8 978-0-376-09081-2978-0-376-09044-7 January 2000September 1992 Sunset Bathrooms Planning & Remodeling 0-376-01329-X0-376-01294-30-376-01293-50-376-01326-50-376-01323-00-376-01322-20-376-01321-4 978-0-376-01329-3978-0-376-01294-4978-0-376-01293-7978-0-376-01326-2978-0-376-01323-1978-0-376-01322-4978-0-376-01321-7 January 2000April 1994October 1983September 1980197519691963 Sunset Home Lighting 0-376-01308-7 978-0-376-01308-8 January 1998 Sunset Home Lighting Handbook 0-376-01313-30-376-01312-5 978-0-376-01313-2978-0-376-01312-5 May 1988October 1982 Sunset Home Remodeling Illustrated 0-376-01288-9 978-0-376-01288-3 September 1987 Sunset Kitchens Planning & Remodeling 0-376-01347-80-376-01346-X0-376-01345-10-376-01335-40-376-01334-60-376-01333-8Not AvailableNot Available 978-0-376-01347-7978-0-376-01346-0978-0-376-01345-3978-0-376-01335-4978-0-376-01334-7978-0-376-01333-0Not AvailableNot Available January 2000April 1994October 198319761974196719621955 Sunset Basic Home Repair Handbook (HC edition) 0-376-01275-7 978-0-376-01275-3 August 1987 [Source]

Home Improvement Books
Home Improvement Books Recalled by Oxmoor House Due to Faulty Wiring Instructions; Shock and Fire Hazards to Consumers

About 540,000 (About 951,000 home improvement books with similar faulty wiring instructions were recalled in January 2010) units were affected by this recall.

Home Improvement Books Recall Information

Country of OriginUnited States
Recall Date10/01/2010
Recall ID810
Recall Number11701
Product TypeBooks or Magazines or Albums or Scrapbooks
HazardThe books contain errors in the technical diagrams and wiring instructions that could lead consumers to incorrectly install or repair electrical wiring, posing an electrical shock or fire hazard to consumers.
InjuriesNone reported.
RemedyConsumers should immediately stop using these books and contact Oxmoor House for a full refund.
Remedy OptionRefund
ContactFor additional information, contact Oxmoor House toll-free at (866) 696-7602 anytime, or visit the firm's Web site
Last Updated07/06/2016
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